Two Artists

Two artists on the street

I am aware of her presence

She is unaware of me

She displays her craft for all to see

strumming her heart along guitar strings,

dressed in black and creating melodies

She carries a small amp in her hand

a burden upon her travel plans?

Would she understand if she saw me now

writing my observance

Would it cause her disturbance

to know that she has inspired me?

Love Too Hard

My problem is that when I love

I love too hard

What’s dear becomes sacred

Fondness escalates to devotion

Yearning is an ache

Adoration never without dedication

Passion always full, never in rations

Once the taste is developed

no other flavor will ever do

My attachment swallows me whole

leaves me consumed

I love too hard

Hurt You

I’ve never thought of harming anyone

Never thought of wronging them intentionally

I’ve never thought myself ruthless

Never thought myself sick


I just want to hurt you

Like you’ve hurt me

Because you’ve killed me

I just want to smite you

Immobilize you

It’s suffocating

I never thought of pushing down

someone in front of a train

Never thought of laughing

at the expense of anyone’s pain

I just want to hurt you

Like you’ve hurt me

Because you scarred me

I just want to drown you

demonize you

It’s so degrading

It’s all for nothing

You’ve been dead for years

This stinging should have healed

and it’s still here….

I guess it’s true

some wounds never close

at least, not all the way

Because I want to hurt you

I’ve hurt me.


You see the rosy exterior

quick to admire the vibrant red

ignoring the thorns beneath

fearful of being pricked

That it may reveal the deep blue

blood from within

disrupting your perfect crimson

All colors are valid

there is no one true pallet

What can be obscene

if all roots emerge

from the green


Don’t push it away, your hunger.

Don’t suppress the urge to feed.

Deep down, I know you like the succulent taste.

Don’t be ashamed, sugar

your sweetness was meant to be shared.


You’ve used devils as scapegoats for far too long

reformed them as reason for all your wrong.

doing what you want under pretense

pretending that horns are reserved for monsters

when you’ve got hooves of your own.


Don’t push it away, your cravings.

Don’t be afraid to indulge.

Deep down, I know you hate abstaining.

Don’t be dismayed, my darling

when you put me on display.


You’ve been driving for too long

realizing that you tire of control.

Allow me a moment to let you sleep.

You’re cautious by nature

I’m all teeth.

Don’t push me away, I’m here now.

Don’t be afraid.

I’ll happily take all the blame

just don’t keep your eyes shut too long.

Deep down, I know you.


No Kisses Left

No kisses left to plant on mama’s breast

No kisses left upon eyes that wept

She walked out the door and stole them away

No wishes for your return, girl

The thought of you just burns, girl

Your hot poker’s got me branded from neck to thigh

Your nectar full of fruit flies

No kisses left to make you grown

No kisses left for this wishbone

He ate my Shepherds Pie and left a mess

Dirty dishes in the sink but my food don’t digest

No more leftovers for you, boy

You’re much too picky with your food, boy

No kisses left in me anyway.


Black is the shade of the briny deep, where mystery lurks and sun sleeps.

What lies beneath the calming waves, in the middle of the endless sea?

One can only wonder what aquatic creature waits to engulf its prey.

No canines or claws to evade, just tentacles, gills and enormous eyes.

Fangs are present though not visible to heed the danger until it’s too late.

The best predators wear the guise of the divine, hauntingly inviting.

Mermaid songs are so enticing until the message is revealed and ship is wrecked.

The screams of sailors’ music to the ears of leviathans and grinning sirens.

Though the heavens have not been entirely explored, the ocean is left untouched.

Wise men dare not question this fact for the fear is below what men can see.

Submarines cannot shield from the hunger of behemoths.

How can one possibly see them coming from the perspective of fish bait?

Even an Olympic swimmer could not be swift enough to escape.

Dare not to plunge and test the ancient ones, they will not be amused.

Poseidon be the least of your worries, for far lie further in the depths.

Devil’s water, enigmatic and suspiciously serene to unknowing beings.

The only option is to admire from a safe distance, do no more than dip your feet.

The tide upon the shore a warning to tread carefully and retreat to the stand.

No man’s land is ironically dripping wet and layered with algae.

To imagine beyond the sickly green is a horror I hope never to see.