Lust which turns mornings into nights,

Which turns the night into a whirlwind 

And that whirlwind heightens into a cyclone

and that cyclone gnashes skin against skin

until the air burns and what should be fleeting remains.

Lust which is two levels from greed

And leads one to sink into the pits of passion

And forced to swim in the aftermath

Though it burns the temptation to jump back in

is too damn delicious to resist.

Lust which breaks trust into question

And question raises to speculation  

And speculation confirms what fear has promised

When one falls prey to sin 

Will they ever see past the culmination?

Lust which breaks ties into trysts

And those trysts attract a thousand eyes

And the eyes loom over with hunger

The kind of hunger that never satisfies long

A wave that crashes just as the sand has dried.

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