Chilly Sunday

Chilly Sunday mornings offer a lot to think over

Shall I stay wrapped in the safety of my comforter?

Under the extra layers of blankets that I need no matter the temperature?

I ponder this as a ray of sunshine creeps through the blinds of my bedroom window

And as my dog howls to alert me that she’s awake too

I seek an answer from the posters on my wall

No response but stilled smiles of rockstars

I know the day has already begun for some

And there’s much to do

But I can’t help but ask myself if I’m ready

Because the chilled bitterness of December crept into my bed with me last night

Reminding me of things I’d rather not dwell on

It may seem a menial task

But I know I am strong

When I make the decision to get up and move on

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