This Vindictive Generation

Like a berating man of wealth

There is a focus on the foul

An emphasis on envy, emptiness, and evil

It has become second nature in us all

To wallow in the sorrow and wickedness of our enemies

I too, am guilty of seeking things that make me scowl

Hypocrisy, greed, conceit

Though I know that most are noble

Athena’s judgement outweighs Medusa’s wrath

When did we turn so cold?

When was hope replaced with this sick sense of cynicism?

I sometimes find it inescapable

Like Persephone, gathering purple irises in the meadow

Only to be plucked from her sanctuary by the damned hand of Hades

Deep down I know the scorn is justified

That the alarms are bound to sound

Screeching about another uproar

Still I pine for the days that our minds can finally be at ease

And that we “sigh no more”

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