Like Chocolate

He sits alone in the corner

In a dimly lit cafe

She walks past, a sweet scent

Swimming through the air, it adorns her

She pours his coffee

Smelling of temptation

But his thoughts are misguided

Because he’s taken her smile

Like it’s an invitation

He waits until the shoppe is nearly closed

And her shift is over, she’s on her way

Down the street a few feet behind

He follows her perfumed essence

Can’t quite note the scent but knows it’s gourmet

Whatever it may be, it’s surely delicious

An edible aphrodisiac and he wants to feast

Little does he know

She knows he’s there

Waiting to pounce like an unhinged beast

She stops in her tracks and turns

Their eyes finally meet

And finally he speaks but before he can finish

He’s in her teeth. The aroma is gone

And now it just burns

His blood on her lips

Like chocolate

Tastes so sweet

And she carries on home

With her hands in her pockets

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