It’s Not a Competition

In a world where people constantly compare and wish for more

I want to take a moment and address

my own faults

I need to hold up the mirror

I need to get it off my chest

Take toxic masculinity

It’s a worldwide epidemic

We have to protect ourselves from daily

But what if the virus could form from the inside?

See, we women have been conditioned

To see one another as competition

A societal burden to see who’s the best

Who’s the prettiest

Who’s the smartest

Who’s the skinniest

I love my fellow women

But I can’t pretend

That in one instant I’ll cheer you on

As you shine

Only to be judging us both in my mind

“Why can’t I be like her?”

“What does she have that I don’t?”

Maybe I just need to do a little more

( Maybe she’s just an attention whore )

Yes, I’m sick.

It doesn’t always show

But my Mr. Hyde is still there inside

Whispering meanness in my ear from time to time

It’s a monster that I can’t vanquish

Until I can unlearn what I’ve been taught to see

To not let the green monster peek out

At another woman’s victory

To remember that there’s plenty of room

For us all to succeed

To praise you without coveting your shine

To not be you but to be the best version of just…me

The truth is, we need to support one another

More than ever

if we want to survive

In a world that already opposes us

We gotta keep each other alive.

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