Ode to The Dark

Since I was young, I’ve had an affinity for the dark

As my classmates imagined they were mermaids, I was a vampire

While we all played in the park

Don’t get me wrong, I was not a twisted child who aimed to start a fire

I simply preferred Tim Burton to Walt Disney

I read that the first was quite miserable when forced to draw

Cute little cartoon foxes rather than say…a little girl mutilating her dolly with a saw

I think that makes perfect sense and I agree

That it is rather sad when we cannot convey who we really wish to be

Why, I say there is nothing wrong with preferring

Witches to faeries; both creatures are quite alluring

And beautiful in their own unique way

So go on and say what you may

I do declare that Halloween shall always be

My very favorite holiday for it fills me with glee

I will always feel the most beautiful in black or red

I will always have an appreciation for the dead

There is a difference between darkness and evil

So have no fear when I say

My inner creature of the night wants to come out and play.


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