The only home I’ve ever known

I was taught to love it here

And to stay inside because its safe

But now my house has been invaded

By tyrants, and terrorists and told

To keep my mouth shut or you’ll regret this

I swear to God

Bless America

Land of the free refills

Stand beside Her but not her

And don’t call her a “her” if

What’s between her legs doesn’t convince you

But don’t let that stop you from touching

Even if you’re not given consent

America the brave.

The boldness of these men

Who want to hold us accountable

For their crimes, their lies, their faults

Who want to punish brown kids

Just for walking down the goddamn street

How are we supposed to sleep?

When you keep shooting

Telling us to stop whining

Then crying on the floor when we shoot back.

But our emotions don’t make us the weak ones.

Why should we have to hide our feelings?

When we send our children to school

Praying to god they don’t ever have to face the barrel of a gun.

Shut up?

No, you shut the fuck up, you AK-47 loving cucks.

No, we will not stop marching.

No, we will not stop barking.

No, we will not stop calling you out.

As long as you persist, we will resist.

Because this is my home.

And you monsters are not welcome

So stay there on your high horse

It’s gonna be a mighty long downfall.


Nowhere near perfect.

We’ll never be happy here again if we don’t fight at all.

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