They tried to keep you tame

They tried to make you comply

But you would not play their game

For you knew it was all a lie

They tried to make you sell your soul

They tried to take your voice

They never reached their goal

For you never gave them that choice

Hell itself dared to test you, disguised with angel’s wings

Heaven helped you see past the facade

You had that devil begging down on his on his knees

And in that moment, your prison became your altar

Your power alone warranted the bow of a god.

Juliana, show me to chain my demons like you did

Teach me to have no fear

Juliana, show me how to wield that power

That will take me away from here.

Author’s note: This is a revamped version of a poem I wrote about a year ago. It was inspired by an Anglo Saxon poem about a woman who was imprisoned for refusing to worship idols she considered fake. A demon disguised as an angel tried to tempt her in her cell. She chained it and led it out to the crowd like a dog. How badass is that?

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